Pagani Zonda vs. Pagani Huayra: exclusive on-track video

The day FortyOneSix chose to film an epic ‘head-to-head‘ between Horacio Pagani’s legendary Zonda and his latest Huayra hyper-car, was not supposed to be the wettest day in Goodwood’s history…

If we were challenged when we got out of bed to face the weather, imagine how the owner of ‘our’ two Paganis felt. GRRC member Peter Read awoke with two meticulously detailed works of automotive artistry tucked away in a carefully monitored storage facility, both freshly prepared for a big day of filming. Given the state of the roads in West Sussex (think narrow, leafy, muddy and potentially catastrophically expensive with a combined convoy output approaching 1500bhp…) we’d have forgiven him if he’d telephoned to call the whole thing off.

And then we’d have wept real tears because we’d been looking forward to this on-track duel for weeks!

But being an unflinching individual of ‘the right stuff’ (as are GRRC members all), Peter didn’t pick up the phone. Instead GRRC club secretary James MacNaughton called to say the cars were on their way… and that he was hitching a lift to the circuit with Peter in the Huayra. (Dammit, that could have been me. Ed.)

If you want to know what it’s like to pilot two million quid’s-worth of Pagani’s finest machinery (And the rest. If you have to ask, etc...) through the leafy lanes of Sussex in a rain-storm, check out the pictures taken of the view through the windscreen of the Zonda, en-route.

And if you want to know what a Pagani Zonda and Huayra look like running in formation on the track at Goodwood, the answer is ‘magnificent’, even in the pouring rain as our video reveals.

Thanks a million, Peter. Or perhaps we should make that a couple of million. (Either way, we hope you’re not still picking leaves out of the Zonda’s air vents…)

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P.S. Tippy-toeing around the circuit in the wet meant neither car was able to really open its throttles. (You don’t need to see the FortyOneSix video of Kenny Brack in action at Revival to imagine the potential insurance claim arising from a pair of pirouetting Paganis.)

If that leaves you wondering how the Paganis would have sounded unleashed on a dry circuit - same here. Let’s call it ‘unfinished business’…

Spare a thought for our film team!

Article by Chris-R

Posted November 26, 2013.

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